These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

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This week I wanted to share with you some gadgets, gizmos and websites that have rocked my world.

Here are my top three this week.

Virgin V6

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So TV these days is BRILLIANT but if you’re knee deep in Homeland and don’t want to be missing out on Masterchef, Sherlock and (my guilty pleasure) Ladies of London something has to give. They will all have disappeared off catch-up by the time you get round to watching them and you simply don’t get the most out of the great content available. So this is where the V6 comes into its own – you can record six, yes SIX, shows at once so you never have to miss out on a brilliant box set. Then watch at your leisure. When you are out and about you can tap into your V6 box at home and watch your favourite progs remotely – and it also has the capability to play 4K HDR – jolly impressive.

Gro Anywhere Blind

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.04.49

The days are now gorgeous and light but, gulp, how on earth is my baby going to be convinced to nap if it’s glaringly bright outside. Thank goodness for the Gro Anywhere Blind. In seconds this portable black-out blind suckers to the window pane and can be expanded and retracted to fit pretty much any window (up to 130 x 198cm). It is incredibly effective with its almost industrial black-out material and as it packs into a small pouch it is fast becoming one of our travelling “essentials”. Another genius product from the award-winning Gro Company.

Instructor Live

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.12.49

So for the last year I’ve had the perfect excuse to eat my favourite things excessively – cake and chocolate. Pregnancy and life with a newborn simply drives many mums straight to the biscuit tin. But now I’m 4 months into this mum game and can’t as easily “pop” to the gym to get those exercise endorphins going and try and eventually fit back into all my lovely clothes. So I’m currently doing the 10 day free trial of Instructor Live – on demand and live exercise classes that you can do from home. I must say that this is a game changer for me and I am definitely going to keep going with it past the 10 days. When the baby is asleep – I pop on the trainers and do a 45 minute class – I’ve tried out dance classes and the Drop a Jean Size programme. There are tons of classes to choose from so I know I won’t get bored – as I would just doing the same exercise DVD over and over. Because I don’t have to faff around and leave the house I can get an exercise class and a shower all done and dusted in an hour – which means I can do this WAY more regularly than going to the gym.

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On 6th April 2017

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