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Today I hotfooted it over to Olympia for The Baby Show and found some very useful bits of gadgetry for parents.

As an expectant parent (only 5 weeks to go until the due date – how crazy) my home is already filling up with kiddy kit. I’m trying to be good and not go crazy, but with an occupation like mine, you can only imagine how intrigued I am by all the baby gadgetry available.

So today I am sharing my favourite finds from the show.

British Red Cross Baby First Aid App


red-cross-with-steve      red-cross-app


The British Red Cross were on hand today giving really helpful ‘how to’s on baby first aid. The talks covered what to do if a child chokes, has a burn or has a seizure. I also had a short one-to-one with Steve from the Red Cross about baby CPR. We used the free Android/Apple Baby and Child First Aid App as a crib sheet and I must say that the App is brilliant. I would say it is my must-have from the show today. Plus it is free, could save a life and doesn’t take up any room in my little house.

iCandy Strawberry 2 Pushchair



As one of the sponsors of the show iCandy went a bit nuts on The Baby Show stage and did a full-on catwalk (pictured above). I obviously will not be as glamorous as these ladies pushing an iCandy around the place (I suspect the heels will be a long way off) but I did today invest in an iCandy Strawberry 2. Of all the bamboozling choices out there, my husband and I found it to be the most lightweight and adaptable of the buggies we tried out. We think it looks pretty nice too.

Panasonic Baby Monitor

circa £155


After the show I popped in to see the guys at Panasonic. The tech powerhouse was showcasing its new bundle of Smart Home products to create the Panasonic Baby Monitor. The video monitor features vision, 2 way audio, a temperature sensor, lullabies and sports a whopping 300m range. Plug the hub into the mains and connect it to your home WiFi and you can keep an eye on your baby not only from elsewhere in the house, but from entirely other continents.

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On 21st October 2016

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