New Wave of Coffee Shops – Pay Per Minute Not Per Cake Slice

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Ziferblat is the new cafe craze that is sweeping across Europe, offering pay-by-the-minute cafe time rather than charging for what you stuff your face with.

As a self-employed person with a seriously sweet tooth, my ears pricked-up when I heard about cafes opening across the UK wherein you don’t have to pay for the cake you consume. Enter Ziferblat, the cafe that offers coffee, cake, super-fast WiFi, meeting rooms and more, and instead of getting a food bill at the end, you simply pay for the amount of minutes you have spent in the establishment.


With start-ups and self-employment on the rise, venues like Ziferblat can offer a breath of fresh air. Even if you are running a business on a shoestring, to have the opportunity to conduct a meeting in a proper meeting room is a sterling opportunity, especially with payments ranging from 5p to 8p per minute.

There are three Ziferblats across the UK – located in Manchester, Liverpool and London. Much like a hotel, check-in on arrival, at which time you are given a clock. When you are done for the day, take your clock back to reception and check-out, and receive a bill for your minutes used. If you are planning on staying the whole day (hours range from 7.30am to 11pm) you will be charged for a maximum of 4 hours.

Hats off to Ziferblat for creating an alternative to pricey members clubs with an accessibility for all (including pets and children) at an affordable price. And did we mention free cake?!



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On 27th October 2016

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