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As a mum of a baby and a toddler – I am all ears when it comes to tips, tricks and kit that can get my kids (and me and hubby) a better night’s sleep.

So when the point came to transition my 2.5 year old son from a cot to a bed I was as anxious as he was excited. But when I heard about GroToBed – the zip-up sheet, pillow and duvet system – I felt a bit more optimistic. Essentially it is a sheet contraption that has an in-built section for a pillow and attached by zip duvet cover. The rationale behind it is to limit escaping pillows and duvets in the night, and give your child a sense of snugness that can help keep them in the bed rather than falling out of it.

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I tried it 6 months ago when the cot sides were still up, but (foolishly) when he was unwell and unsettled and he managed to Houdini his way out of the duvet and end up the other end of the bed a handful of times that first night. I decided to park things until he was better and life had calmed down a bit (new sibling and all) and he actually asked for ‘Ollie The Owl’, the character on his GroToBed and we tried again. That was a fortnight ago and we haven’t looked back. He is now in a bed with the GroToBed doing all that it promised, giving him the independence of a “big boy bed” and me the reassurance that he is snug and that I’m likely to get a good night’s kip.

Whilst we are on the subject of sleep, I just wanted to share a few other gadgets and apps that have made my childrens’ sleep that bit better. And as all parents/carers out there know – any extra sleep you can get is priceless. So here they are: Movement Monitor (reassurance that my baby son was breathing once he moved out of our bedroom); White Noise App; and the Perfect Prep (super-quick way of making up a bottle in the night if you’ve gone down the formula route).

I know all children are different, but I hope sharing some of my tried and tested learnings might help a few of you get slightly closer to those all important forty winks.



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On 28th May 2019

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