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Camping gadgets are the order of the day on today’s ITV Weekend.

I’ve been practising what I preach this last week, dusted off the old wellies and took my little one to his first festival – a friend’s annual party/camping/birthday/Woodstock-inspired event. It rained (standard Britain) but we loved it.

So here are the top camping gadgets we featured on the show – hopefully these will make your soggy (and not so soggy) camping trips even more fun.

Luminaid £14.99


This is a really dinky, space-saving camping accessory. It’s a lantern that inflates. Which means it deflates and takes up barely any room in your bag. Plus it floats and is powered by the sun thanks to a nifty solar panel on its top.

Powerbox Plus 28L £59.95

Powerbox Plus

Whether your camping essentials are endless wine or fresh milk for your brekkie, this hybrid coolbox/fridge is a great one to take with you. Unplugged it keeps whatever is inside it cool for several hours and plugged in (either to a campsite hook-up or the car) it has the ability to seriously chill – even taking items down to 20 degrees celsius below the ambient temperature.

Aircard Hotspot £199.95

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 13.44.22

If your happy campers become decidedly unhappy campers without access to WiFi then this portable internet Hotspot is for you. Load it up with a sim and (as long as there is a bit of mobile signal where you are) 15 WiFi enabled devices can wirelessly connect to it and enjoy broadband-style internet speeds.

Cinch 2 Man Tent £227

Cinch Tent

This pop-up tent got the seal of approval from seasoned campers and “I’m a Celeb” contestants Jimmy Osmond and Anthony Costa. Its clever solar panel – that attached to the tent’s roof – powered up an internal power-pack to charge smartphones (and other USB powered devices) plus the LED guy lines and tent pegs stop hazardous falls after a beer or 4 around the campfire.

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On 5th August 2017

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