Best of CES 2019

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It’s here at last – CES 2019. Here are my top tech picks.

LG’s Rollable Signature OLED TV

CES 2019 - LG

Yes – rollable! LG unveiled the world’s first rollable OLED TV. This 65 inch television can both roll-up and rise again at the touch of a button – which could be a real breath of fresh-air for those who don’t want a huge black rectangle dominating their living spaces at home. The specs are fab and it comes with all the voice-activated bells and whistles that you would hope for.

Hupnos Anti-Snoring Mask

CES 2019 - Hupnos

Having recently filmed a sleep programme with Eamonn (an insomniac) and Ruth (a snorer) I was particularly interested in Hupnos – a mask that helps stop snoring. Worn over the eyes and nose, the mask detects when you are snoring and vibrates to encourage a change of position. If that isn’t working – it then gently opens your airways using a change in pressure. Very clever.

Elvie Wearable Breast Pump

CES 2019 - Elvie

As a mum of a newborn baby and a toddler I love the idea of this wearable breast pump. Essentially it is a wire-free (it charges via USB) device that you place over your breast and inside your bra. It claims to be silent and hands-free so that makes a nice change from the distinctive (and pretty loud) breast pumps on the market at the moment. You can control intensity via an App and it will also monitor your milk output which is pretty handy.

Woobo Smart Kid’s Toy

CES 2019 - Woobo

This cuddly toy describes itself as an imaginary friend. Well a toy that combines cuddliness and screen-time is bound to be a winner with kids. It has a touchscreen enabling kids to play games but you can also ask Woobo questions and parents can set daily tasks like toothbrushing on it to bring a bit more fun to their daily chores.

Apple’s Presence

Screenshot 2019-01-09 at 13.51.56

Apple doesn’t exhibit at CES but this year its presence was very clear. Together with a huge billboard in CES’ home of Las Vegas, it was also announced that Apple would be integrating iTunes into rival Samsung’s Smart TVs. So now there is some cross-pollination between the 2 tech giants of films and television. Very magnanimous.


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On 9th January 2019

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