A Look Forward to CES 2018

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Las Vegas came to the UK yesterday – for one day only. London hosted a preview to CES 2018 – the hottest and most influential, international tech event – held every January in Las Vegas.

I was delighted to attend the small preview event, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, in which key tech trends for CES 2018 were revealed. So – without further ado – here are the trends and themes to watch for next year (and the year or 2 after).

  • 5GNR – likely to be fully operable in 2019/20 – download speeds for a 2 hour long film go from 6 minutes on 4G to 3.6 seconds with 5G
  • Rise in start-ups exhibiting at CES 2018 – Eureka Park (CES’ dedicated start-up zone) will sport 800 more exhibitors than previous years
  • Robotics – further to the fab launches of CES 2017 (including Kuri and the Lawn Mowing Robot) – Eureka Park is likely to be a hotbed of Robotics
  • Voice Recognition – Alexa is the tip of the iceberg
  • Facial Recognition – and it’s not just phones that will be using it
  • Fingerprint Recognition – again not just for phones and tablets
  • Virtual Reality – lots of new use cases for VR
  • Augmented Reality – App innovation aplenty for AR
  • Smart Cities – and innovative ways that communities can invest and enrich data to create a smarter way of living

So there is lots to look forward to in the year or so that lies ahead and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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On 24th October 2017

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